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Chappell Lee

Vocal Captain, Celebrity Beyond

Photography by Steve McCurry

Chappell Lee beams with pride when he talks about his role as vocal captain on Celebrity Beyond

It’s a big accomplishment, and a professional goal he’s been working toward for years, he said. The role offers a unique opportunity to develop his leadership skills and protect the integrity of the shows. 

“This is a level of growth I always knew I was capable of, and it’s exciting to be where I am this far along in my career and still loving it.” 

Early in life, Chappell knew he wanted to work on cruise ships one day.  

He sought a career with Royal Caribbean Group because of the focus the company puts on crew welfare. “I looked into Celebrity and found that they treat their crew really well, and now I’m extremely grateful to be here,” he said. “I’ve had the opportunity to go everywhere, and I never take it for granted.”  

After seven years with RCG, he has found a home-away-from-home at sea while traveling the globe. 

In fact, he has visited every continent except Antarctica. He lists Greece, Italy, Spain and the Mediterranean among his favorite places on Earth – but Alaska and Africa top the list. The latter, he describes as nothing less than stunning. 

Thanks to his hard work, dedication, and impressive talent, Chappell brings joy and unity to our guests from all over the world through music and creates magical moments that leave a lasting impression.