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Daniil Eltermans 

Sr. Director, Expedition Field Staff & Operations – Silversea  

Photography by Steve McCurry

Daniil started his maritime career in 2008 on board Silversea’s very first expedition vessel, Silver Explorer. Over the next several years, he climbed up through the ranks on the expedition team.  

“Being so involved with Silversea’s Expedition program has made me a lifelong nature enthusiast,” he said, inspired in large part by the passionate expedition staff he worked with. 

In his time with Royal Caribbean Group, he has traveled to all seven continents and some of the most remote places in the world, like Papua New Guinea, Antarctica, Australian Kimberley and many others 

In 2014, Daniil and his husband, who also works at RCG, decided it was time to start a family and he decided to transition to a shoreside role. 

In his current role as Sr Director, Expedition Field Staff & Operations, he oversees recruitment, training, development of expedition staff and operations, and he is always on the lookout for innovative ways to retain, train, and develop RCG’s field-based expedition leadership.  

Whether in the Arctic, Antarctica or the South Pacific, his team strives to continuously optimize operations and deliver more personal, intimate experiences for our guests at a destination by involving the most knowledgeable field staff, expert guest speakers, and the most qualified guides. 

Throughout his career with RCG, Daniil has embraced opportunities and accepted the challenges that come with them, including taking over expedition operations for Silversea. “I embraced the opportunity which forced me to do a lot of learning and extra hours, and it’s been incredibly rewarding to understand how everything falls together to form that expedition experience in a remote part of the world,” he said. “I can say I have a very good overview of almost every detail of expedition operations in every region where we operate.” 

Now working shoreside, he still travels a few times a year to assess operations and performance of field staff and makes time for leisure travel, too, including holiday getaways with his family on Royal Caribbean vessels. 

“It is within Silversea where I met people who in many ways shaped my career, interests and passions, and many of whom remain my reliable connections onboard, as well as in the office,” he said. “I hope when [my colleagues] see the portraits, they’ll take a moment to reflect on their own role in the company and the Group and understand that every single role matters and they’re playing a vital part in delivering incredible destination experiences to our guests.”