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Jennifer Goswami

Director, Product Development – Royal Caribbean International

When it comes to creating unforgettable vacation experiences for our guests and maintaining the best crew in the industry, Jennifer Goswami says one of the most important things you can do is listen.

“Listening always leads to learning,” she said. And she leads with that mantra every day in her role as Director of Product Development. Her job revolves around gathering insights and collaborating with teams all across the organization to conceptualize and bring to life the next generation of products and experiences that resonate with guests and crew.  

Jennifer began her career at RCG nine years ago, working in Trade Marketing before joining the Product Development team in 2017. After leading the product development of Icon of the Seas, she’s proud to have been an integral part of one of the company’s most significant newbuilds. 

“I came to Royal Caribbean to grow and diversify my professional experiences and you can really do that here,” she said. “Being able to hold a role like this at Royal Caribbean, a company that values growth and innovation, enables me to feel confident that I’m in the right place.” 

Photography by Steve McCurry

Much like her career, she said the launch of Icon was a journey defined by tangible achievements, countless milestones, and shared accomplishments. From the diverse phases of design and operational development to the grandeur of the float-out and the remarkable lifting of the AquaDome, collaboration was the cornerstone of the successful launch.  

With a wide variety of departments within Royal Caribbean Group, from product development and marketing to hotel operations and marine, the opportunities to work with different people and leverage unique skills are endless. 

“This is a company that cares about your development and your career,” she said. “Within Royal you can really find your place – and there are so many places to explore.”