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Lucy Wanjiku

Crew Administrator, Freedom of the Seas  

It was on a whim one day while home in Kenya that Lucy Wanjiku applied to work for Royal Caribbean. Now nearly 10 years later, she’s never looked back.  

“It’s funny, I remember a friend told me to put in an application and I couldn’t stop thinking, ‘why not?’”  

Her natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge and adventure has propelled her career forward with RCG from day one. Now onboard Freedom of the Seas, Lucy serves as the Crew Administrator and works with Customs and Immigration Officers at our ports of call.  

“What’s great about Royal Caribbean Group is that they provide these opportunities to grow constantly,” she said. “As I learn and develop, I know I’m getting ready for the next step in my career.” 

Early in her career, during a meeting with the port agents and customs, Lucy felt intimidated and had difficulty speaking up. But with some support and encouragement from port agents and colleagues, she quickly found her voice.  

Photography by Steve McCurry

“Through continually asking my questions, I’ve been able to quench my curiosity and build relationships with my team and our port agents in our port of calls,” she said. “Onboard, the crew can be defined by their roles. But to my team, I’m not just my position – I’m Lucy.”  

In her time with RCG, Lucy has traveled the world – from Australia to The Bahamas and many beautiful destinations in between. It’s just one of the added perks she gets to enjoy as part of her job, and the benefits of seeing the world have surpassed her expectations. 

“You get to discover all these hidden gems and places you’ve never even heard of,” she said. “It keeps your mind open and ready to grow.”