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Meaghan Gies

AVP, Operational Safety, Standards & Innovation – Royal Caribbean Group

Photography by Steve McCurry

She was only 17 years old when she began serving valiantly in the US Coast Guard and soon discovered that she felt at home on the water.  

“During my active duty in the Coast Guard, I got put into an environment very early on where you really had to think on your feet, you were given a lot of responsibility and you had to learn very quickly because people were counting on you to be a subject matter expert,” she said. 

“I worked my way up and eventually became second in command onboard a ship in the Middle East. By this time, I was confident in what I was doing because that early experience showed me that there was very little I couldn’t overcome.” 

When she decided to leave active duty, she wasn’t sure what her next career move would be – but it had to involve ships. 

“I never thought of cruising as my next opportunity – I’d never even been on a cruise – but Royal Caribbean Group really drew me in with the endless opportunities in maritime as well as anything else I could want to do.”  

Quite fittingly, she soon found a role at RCG leading the Care-Team – a group of employees who volunteer to help on the ground during times of emergency involving our ships or the destinations we visit. 

“Seeing coworkers go above and beyond what was asked of them and really embrace that volunteer spirit was a wonderful experience, and I think that it’s just a testament to how proud people are to work here,” she said. 

Now, Meaghan leads her team in Global Marine Operations as AVP, Operational Safety, Standards and Innovation, where she oversees operational safety, marine standards and safety innovation opportunities for RCG’s existing and future fleet.  

Not only does she get to work near ships, but as an added perk, she gets to work near her 2-year-old daughter too, thanks to onsite daycare offered at RCG’s corporate headquarters. Lovingly called Little Cruisers, her daughter has been going to the daycare center since she was three months old and has thrived in her time there. 

“This company offers things that truly allow me to do my job better,” Meaghan said. “The Little Cruisers daycare made me feel comfortable coming back to work and I can put my heart and soul into my work with a clear head because I know she’s being taken care of close by.”