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Veronique Wawa

Financial Analyst – Silversea  

When Veronique Wawa was completing her MBA and considering where to begin her career, she wanted to find a company that she could be proud to work for as a woman and a Haitian American.  

“Coming from Haiti at a young age, I was particularly drawn to Royal Caribbean Group’s continued investment in Haiti, which I find inspiring,” she said. “Witnessing women in executive leadership roles at RCG serves as a powerful source of inspiration for me. Having a female SVP sets RCG apart from other companies, and it fuels my ambition to strive for similar positions in the future.” 

One aspect of RCG that immediately made her feel welcome was the accessibility within the company, with opportunities to engage in open dialogues with executives, seeking advice and guidance in one-on-one meetings. “Their willingness to offer support and guidance has been invaluable to me,” she said. 

Upon joining the company as a financial analyst last April, she brought a fresh perspective to her team and introduced new ideas. “One of my proudest moments was when I proposed process improvements that received support from colleagues across the globe,” she said.  “It was great to see everyone come together to work cohesively on a shared project, and the support I received was truly inspiring.” 

One of the perks of working at RCG is the Familiarization Cruise, an opportunity for new employees to sail on any of our vessels so they can immerse themselves in the vacation experiences we offer our guests every day. She chose to visit Antarctica onboard Silversea’s Silver Endeavor with her partner and around 200 other guests. She said the intimate setting offered a unique and personable cruise experience that she highly recommends to everyone I meet.  

“Silversea’s level of personalized service and attention to detail, where crew members know you by name and anticipate your needs, truly sets it apart,” she said.