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Craig Standen

Manager, Wardrobe Operations – Royal Caribbean International

Photography by Steve McCurry

When he danced his way onboard Monarch of the Seas in 1994, Craig Standen unknowingly embarked on a career journey that has lasted 30 years, taking him from center stage to shoreside roles – and helping him find love along the way. 

When he first experienced Royal Caribbean, Craig was immediately drawn in by the company’s cutting-edge creativity and innovation, from our beautifully designed ships to the entertaining shows that push the limits of what can be done at sea. 

While working shipboard, he climbed the ranks and worked as a Dance Captain, a Choreographer and a show director before transitioning to shoreside operations in 2006 to build the wardrobe department and help launch the acclaimed DreamWorks experience.  

“A dancer’s life is short-lived, but this company has given me the opportunity to stay in entertainment all my life and bring the experience I’ve gained throughout my lifetime here to RCG,” he said. “The company provides global opportunities and creates space for creative professionals to thrive.” 

In his current role as Manager of Wardrobe Operations, he takes pride in making sure that the shows our guests enjoy on board our ships are costumed beautifully. “That’s one of the first things our guests see and one of the things they’re going to remember – the visual,” he said. “The water shows in the Aqua Theater are truly amazing and designing costumes to survive the performance and harsh chemicals in the water is an incredible feat of its own.” 

In 2000, Craig met his husband onboard Majesty of the Seas. At the time, same-sex marriage was not yet legal in the US, but the company was already offering benefits to same-sex couples. 

“It shows how ahead of its time this company has always been and I’m really proud of that,” he said. “The inclusivity and equality that this company exhibits makes me proud to work here. They accept every walk of life and make you feel like you belong – not everywhere is like that.”